10 000 unique collectible Shroomunchies with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Artwork is a fun blend of traditional watercolor fine art and digital elements connecting both worlds and bringing it to Web3.

Watercolor as a medium is inherently unique. When paint meets water, it has a will of it’s own. Unrepeatable and unpredictable watercolor paired with hand drawn pencil and digital drawing elements. Abstract and expressive, each one of the little creatures tells a story of it’s own. Dare to take one?

The creator, hereafter referred to as Vog, comes from a background of fine, illustration and fantasy writer. When he’s not painting his next “masterpiece”, he’s researching history, mythology and collecting old folk tales. The idea of Shroomunchies NFT has been in the making for 2 years, and in the process, Vog was born as well.

This project is a blend of all of his artistic directions. A mix of web3 and traditional art, painted and drawn by hand, absolutely original and endlessly creative.

200 NFTs reserved for the team, giveaways and challenges.

Date of presale and public sale are to be determined.

Shroomunchies live in a magical world, but still, they grow only in certain conditions. You need to watch for the weather forecast to know when those conditions are right. Date will be known 7 days ahead. When it hits “100% CHANCE”, it’s on. Do keep an eye on it here and on our social networks and, by all means, join our waitlist.

Guaranteed  presale NFT price is 0.017 ETH. Join the waitlist to have access to presale.

After the mint is over.